The title of my website comes from my initials J.D.N. and than phonetic Je...De...En so you wil get Jedeen.

Why make a website about building a home cockpit, there are allready so many of them. Right......but every home cockpitbuilder does it his own way and because there are many roads leading towards Rome.......I wanted to show you my way/road.
Someone with a small budget will try to do thing as much as possible by his own way.
Someone with no knowledge of electronics wil purchase this ready made.
Someone with a large budget wil buy a complete cockpit ..........etc. etc.

I do it this way: everything that can be purchased as a frame, I wil buy......everything that is elctronic and every programming, I will make by myself.
I am a proffessinal electro engeneer, so everything that has to do with knobs, switches and led's

Why buiding a cockpit?
When I was 30, I did get my PPL (Privat Pilot License) and flew pipers and chesna's.
After a while this hobby became to expensive and I dove into model planes, motorized, non motorized and helicopters.
During the modelplane period I also got involved in flight simulation.
For quite some time I did nothing with flying, due to much work and family.
The only thing I did was flying  737 in a simulator on my program a FMC and the airplane wil do what you told him to do.
After a while you are realy board with "pushing" knobs and buttons on a screen and you want something else.
And there you an engineer you are constantly busy to tel machines to do things you want them to why not buiding that cockpit like that one on your screen the screen????

That was the easiest part......I found out later.
The internet has so much information that one is very soon lost in that wood of did I.....I lost track.
So than you visit the several fora's there are.........and boy there are quite a number of poeple who exactly can tell you how to build your own 737 cockpit. It's very usefull and the fora can be used as a guide. A lot of things are just "Trial and Error".

And when you have made a choise, than you will also make your first mistakes.
To beware other poeple to make the same mistakes is also one of the reasons I make this website.

In the menu at the top of this page you wil find a button "Abriviations".
One of the things where I was confronted with in the beginning.......what the hack are those abriviations mean.
Above you find for instance "FMC" wich means Flight Management Computer......what a FMC does wil be explained in the menu "Abriviations"

Derk Nijweide.
May I present me and my website ?