Because I wanted to make panels, gauges, indicators, pcb's and engravings myself, I ordered and purchased a CNC Router at Chris Reinders from Ontwerpstudio Zoltar.
For more information visit his website:

On Saterday 8 februari 2014, I picked up the ordered kit at Ontwerpstudio Zoltar.

The complete router is made of stainless steel. The parts are lasered on 1 plate, like the parts for the Z-axis shown below.
The several prts for the Z-axis.
As you can see, all the parts linked together by little bridges.
They all should be removed with a grinding machine.
The milled parts for the X- and Y-axis.
The complete CNC Router with control unit.
I put the Router on a movable "DIY" lorry.
The bunch of cables are for the proximity switches.
The milling motor has to be fitted yet.
The CNC Router ready to use.