After finishing building the new CNC-router, I needed a simple project to learn the use of that router.

As an example I used this from this website:

Every skill that I would need to finish bigger project were also in this little project. Working with alluminium engraving the panels and annunciator shield and also the making of little pcb's.

It took me well over 1 month to learn how to make a decent panel, to paint it with the right paint and to engrave it.

The results can be seen below:
The materials I used in the above pictures are:
12mm Alluminium tube with a diameter of 12mm and alu square tube 22 x 22mm.
The handles and bushings are made of 10mm thick polyethyleen,
The textplates for the handles are 5mm acryl.
The microswitches are from Conrad Electronics.

Above panels (first picture) are made of 4 mm acryllic. The first attempts to make those panels were done with 5 mm acryllic with an opacity of 30%. Those plates where extruded and therefore verry difficult to cut.
At daylight even the engravings were hardly visible.
Even painting them first with white paint did not help.

After bringing a visit to a nearby manyfacturer (Perlaplast) and some advises from the ceo, I puchased a piece acrylic (4mmthick) that has no opacity. This acryllic was cast and therfore verry sutable to work with on my cnc router.
So this was a golden tip.
The first tests with baklighting seems to be verry hopefull.
The firm Perlaplast has also a webshop and can be reached by the link below:

The second picture is showing the cutting of the backpanel. The big square cut in the front has some rough edges. The cause was a 3mm upcutter. After changing this with a 3 mm downcutter, the rest of the cut went well.
behoorlijk ruwe kanten. Het bleek dat een 3mm upcutter hier de oorzaak van was.
The whole plate is 1,5 mm thick alluminium and was cut in 2 passes without cooling.

The third picture shows the painted (sprayed) backpanel. The fouth picture show all the ready made peaces.

Of course there are some annunciators on the firepanel so.......
because I am also building a forward panel I ordered 120 anunciator cases at Open Cockpits.
I made the textshields and the pcb's for those annunciators with my cnc router.
They are made of 3 mm clear acrylic. At the backsite I did cut a 1,5mm boarding, so the shields are alwys centered. I sanded the backsite a litle for an even spreading off the light from the leds.
I sprayed the front with black paint and engraved them with a single line character (Futura 1L)
The result is shown in the last picture.

Wiring up the firepanel.