On 30 december 2013 I ordered the panels for the FWD Overhead and Pedestal at ProSimParts.
The FWD Overhead will be delivered with all the switchesm buttonsm gauge dials and 7 segment displays.
The pedestalpanels also can be ordered with all the displaysm knobs, pushbuttons and switches,
I did order them like that.

Initialy there were some troubles with the delivery of the dual concentric encoders wich led to deleviry delay of 6 weeks,
As I finaly got the panels I understood why. ProSimParts did use the newest version of the rotary encodersm no more encoders which are operated by gearsm it's all now in one housing.

I also did not recieve some position switches and the light grey panels where missing.
In march 2014 the whole FWD and pedestal panels whre complete and I could start building.
Naturally there first should be a framework on wich the panels can be mounted.

And a lot of annuciator panels and pcb's are there to be made.
To be continued

August 2015: the panels are placed and so are the PCB's with the various leds for the various annunciators. Now I have to wire up, the displays, the backlight and the various gauges and, of course, the control boards for the whole.

In the Forwarding Overhead are 2 panels with displays. To know the Electrical Display Control Panel and the Pressurization Control Panel. For both, I first made a few simple pcb's. As can be seen in the first picture.
When I connected the displays for the Electical Display Control Panel, I discoverd that they were of the type common anode, while the Sismo cards only works with displays of common cathode.
Via a chinese seller I have purchased the appropriate displays. Unfortunately I could not get the 3digit displays in the correct color.
Because I connected the displays by using ic-feet, I can later replaced those by displays of the correct color.
The 6 digit displays for the Pressurization Panel were of the good color and type.

For the backlight  I bought a plexiglass plate of 3 mm thick at the local hardware store.
I taped this on one side with black tape and glued  there upon some led strips. 120 leds per meter. Despite that there is a space of 20cm between the ledstrips and the panels the effect is perfect.

II had to wire up each panel separately. The intention was to group outputs and inputs in a bundle, separated by color, which is also realized is..... butttt.. I recieved from Sismo a connection list for the inputs and outputs and a executable program for the FWD.
It turned out however that those lists did not matched with the program. It has taken me almost a month to match all those inputs and outputs.
For that reason that I had to mount the FWD on a swivel base (see last photo) because I kept operating a switch or rotary switch etc. just to look on what input it was connected. Of course I had to power up each output seperately and check that they match the output that the program has activated.
In a later stage I am planning to rewrite the program itself, because some of the features in the executable from Sismo are not programmed, such as the regulation of brightness of the displays.
As on the last picture shows, the electronics are mounted on the back of the plate for backlight.
Mid under is the CPU, to the left of the CPU is the servoboard (yellow) for the various gauges. Above the CPU are two. input-daughter-boards (green), with above it a output-daughter-board (red). The 10 interface cards on the side are only for the transition between ribbon cable and wires.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
I have a small CNC router and a small lathe, so it was easy for me to make the various gauges. As shown on the pictures above.
The used materials are: 6 mm thick trespa, for the distance buses and cushioning plate on the front of the gauge.
3 mm thick trespa and 3 mm transparent acrylic plate, for the gears and servoplate.
5 mm 30% translucent white acrylic plate for the hands.
ALU tube 6 x 1 mm, as axle for gauges with 2 hands. The tube acts also as conductor for one of the axle for the second hand.
4 mm steel shaft for the hand, for the gauges with one hand.
Makeblock micro servos. Type MB-95026 available at: http://www.kiwi-electronics.nl/robotics/robotics-mechanical-parts/makeblock-motors

April 2016: finally ready, everything works as it should be.
The cove for the rear is yet to be made but that is of later concern.
Also the the After Forward Overhead is to be made and then the whole can be mounted in the cockpit.
For the time being the FWD is reside next to the cockpit on the workbench.