On this page I will try to represent (by means of pictures) the building and the progress of the cockpit.
You can find more pictures in the relevant gallery's.
5-7-2012 The frames and panels from SimWorld are assembled.
17-5-2012 The parts for the EFIS en MCP from Hispapanels have arrived.
9-6-2012 MCP testing and programming with the boards from Sismo Solutions
22-7-2012 Glarewings and Glareshields from Sismo Solutions are assembled
5-8-2012 MIP-undercariage build and painted.
1-9-2012 Monitors assembled and tested.
30-9-2012. MIP functioning without  lower Eicas and without FMC.
1-9-2013  FMC and Lower Eicas build in the  CDU bay.
31-5-2014. Finished Building the Firepanel
1-7-2014. Started building my own TQ.
26-1-2016  Electronic for the TQ
5-2-2016  Finaly ready, building the TQ
29-2-2016  Installing and programming finished.

09-09-2015: After being a long time ill and spending a lot of time on building the TQ, I started again with building the Overhead.
On the picture the Overhead without wires and without the gauges.
07-05-2016: The electronics for the Overhead is installed.
In the middle at the bottom there is the CPU-board, above 2 input expansion cards (green) and an output expansion card (red). The yellow board is the servocard where all the gauges should be connected. The cards with the printscrewterminals on the side, are the connection cards. These are connected with ribbon cable on the relevant in-and output slots, after which the wiring on the screwterminals is mounted. All the cards are mounted on the rear side of the backlight Panel.

01-06-2016: I made double sided PCB's for all the COM and NAV panels.
21-06-2016 The making of doublesided PCB's and the buttons for the ASP panels. (Acoustic Service Panel)

9-7-2014 Start building FWD panel.
25-04-2014: Some parts for the firepanel.

20-09-2016  Experiment with smd LEDs on pyralux for backlighting.
09-09-2016  Apply the control electronoca and connect it to the various panels.

Current state of being. Only the After Forward is missing and the support for FWD and AFT. The FWD is therefore temporarily on the workbench.
Also, the various dimmers for the floodlights should still be applied.