The MIP above, is from Simworld and consists of several parts.

  •  Captains side frame
  •  Central Section frame
  •  First Officer side frame
  •  Lower frame
  •  Several backplates for the panels
  •  Panels
  •  All annunciators
  •  All the switches, pushbuttons and potentiometers
  •  92 screws and revets (painted in RAL 7011)
  •  All the bezels for the displays
  •  Dummy stickers for several instruments

Just for the sake off the price, I have chosen for a desktop mip which I can assemble myself.
It did take a long time to make that choise, but untill now I don't regret it.
The quality is perfect. I just had to dril one hole because the original one was at the wrong place (Landing Gear Lever Panel)
The only thing that was wrong, where the pushbuttons for the EDS-panel. They all where without print. Simworld did send me the right ones a while later.

I also did make my first mistake by ordering the MIP. I forgot to order the lower frame. Not knowing that this was needed for the lower panels.
On the above frames the several backplates and panels should be mounted.
The long recesses at the bottom off each frame are for the monitors

The glarewings and glareshields.
                   Captains Frame                                       Center Frame                      First Officer Frame
The MIP  (Main Instument Panel)
The recieved glarewings and glareshields from Sismo Soluciones are from special quality. In principle they are not made to fit on MIP-frames from Simworld but with some inventiveness this is verry well to accomplish.
Look at the pictures with description below.

Aviosim has a complete bottom plate in the webshop where one can mount the shields on. But then the whole topsite of all the 3 frames should be removed.
I have chosen to do it a little bit different, where the frames from Simworldare completely stays intact.

First I mounted the CAP and FO glareshield directly to the MIP-frames with 4 pieces M4 hex screws
Between the glareshields I mounted a alluminium plate with help of a alu angle profile.
Between the frame backplate and the alu angle profile I mounted a alu strip of 3mm thick, because the backpanels below the alu plate are also mounted on the same frame.
Between the topscrews of the panels and the alu angle profile I left also a space of 3mm because the alluminium plate is 3mm thick.
The dimensions of the alluminium plate are: 703 x 199 x 3mm.
Just for reinforcement I also mounted two litle alu angle profiles on the sides of the glareshields.
On the side of the FO-glareshield I had to make a recess to fit the FO-EFIS pcb.

After completing the whole structure the glareshields are just 31cm in front of the MIP-frame. Exactly according Boeing specs.
      First Officer Glarewing                       First Officer Glareshield              Center Glareshield Cover
The Frames
Click on the above pictures to see more information about building the glareshield and MCP bay.